Enhanced Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19 at Seletar Airport

Creating A Safe Environment For Travel

Acrylic screens at our check-in counter or info counter.

Acrylic screens at manned counters help protect passengers and airport staff. 


Frequent cleaning and disinfection is conducted at the Seletar Airport Terminal and Business Aviation Centre, especially high-contact areas such as door handles, countertops, baggage trolleys and lift buttons.


For an added layer of protection, frequently-touched surfaces such as seats, counters, trolleys, lift buttons and security trays are coated with a protective long-lasting antimicrobial coating to reduce the risk of virus transmission.


Autonomous cleaning equipment is deployed at Seletar Airport, cleaning the floors and carpets. This is in addition to frequent carpet vacuuming and HEPA filters that catch fine particles including dust and pollen.


All arriving and departing passengers at Seletar Airport, and staff entering the gatehold room and arrival hall, are subject to temperature screening. Anyone who is febrile or who appears unwell will be referred to a doctor.


Sanitisers are made available for passengers’ and airport staff’s use throughout the airport, from check-in rows to gatehold room. Hand sanitiser will only be allowed in cabin baggage if kept in containers of not more than 100ml each.


All passengers, air crew and airport staff must wear a mask at all times at Seletar Airport. Personal Protective Equipment, such as gloves and face shields, may be worn by airport staff to ensure safe interaction within the airport.