Fees and charges
Fees & Charges
Aircraft Landing Charges

Landing charges are based on the aircraft maximum taxi weight.

Maximum Taxi Weight Fixed Charge Rate per tonne or part thereof
Up to 6 tonnes  - $11.60(Subject to minimum charge of $35)
7 to 50 tonnes - $11.60(Subject to minimum charge of $215)
51 to 100 tonnes  $580 $13.50
Over 100 tonnes  $1,255  $13.70

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Aircraft Parking Charges

Parking charges are based on the area occupied by the aircraft. The parking charges are charged per 24 hours or part thereof, with the first 3 hours free.

Span of aircraft x Maximum length Charge per 24 hours or part thereof after the first 3 hours of free parking
Up to 1,000sqm $49
More than 1,000 to 1,500sqm $73
More than 1,500 to 2,000sqm $97
More than 2,000sqm $97 + $4.80 per 100sqm or part thereof in excess of 2,000sqm

If an aircraft is parked in Seletar Airport for a continuous period of 30 days or more, the parking fees payable will vary.

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Passenger Charges

Under the Aviation Levy Order which came into effect since 1 Oct 2009, every departing passenger at Seletar Airport will be required to pay an aviation levy.

  Passenger Service and Security Fee or PSSF (including GST) Aviation Levy or AL(Out of Scope)
Seletar Airport
$25.90 $3.10 $29.00

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Airport Emergency Services (AES) Charges

Service charges will be levied for any of the following services:

  • Removal of Fuel Hazards.
  • Refueling / Defuelling Standby.
  • Explosives Escort.
  • Hot Works Standby.
  • First Aid Firefighting Application (FAFA) training.
  • False fire alarm activation turnout.
  • Vehicle escort.
  • Fire Patroller duties.
  • DECAM line connection
  Service Charge
1 Fire Vehicle $600 per vehicle per hour or part thereof*
2 Fire Officer $100 per officer per hour or part thereof*
3 Fire Fighter $60 per firefighter per hour or part thereof*
4 DECAM Line Connection $750 per line connection

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Airport Pass Charges

Seasonal Pass Charges

The maximum validity period of the seasonal pass is 3 years.

Validity period
(excluding GST)
1 Year $7.00
2 Years $10.00
3 Years $14.00

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Carpark Charges
Vehicle Type
(including GST)
$0.02 per minute
$0.65 per entry

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