Security Checks

There will be a dedicated Customs and Immigrations channel at the Seletar Business Aviation Centre. All departing passengers are required to have their travel documents checked by the security officers, as well as during immigration clearance.

All passengers are required to undergo security screening and have their hand-carry baggage x-rayed. Passengers are prohibited from carrying any potentially dangerous items (like sharp items) on their bodies, in their clothing or in their hand-carry baggage. If a passenger needs to carry such items for his or her trip, the items should be packed into the checked baggage. The security officers at the departure gate may confiscate any items deemed to be potentially dangerous either at their professional discretion or at the request of the ground handling agents.

Passengers with medical conditions who need to carry medical items such as needles or syringes in their hand-carry baggage should have with them and produce the appropriate medical advice.

Passengers who wish to have fragile items manually inspected instead of x-ray examination may make such requests to the security screening officers.